Breaking the English Barrier
Help us to support vulnerable female refugees in the UK to learn vital English language skills to improve their wellbeing and that of their children
Escaping poverty through education
Learn more about how our model works
Health and hygiene education is saving lives in DR Congo
Vocational training that changes lives
One-to-one support lifts those trapped in the multidimensional process of persistent poverty
Local solutions to local challenges
Educating women in the Philippines provides sustainable livelihoods and creates resilience

Our Mission

WONDER's mission is to empower vulnerable communities worldwide through education.

We work with partner projects that primarily support women and act as a stimulus for ending poverty in their families and communities. 

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Get Involved

WONDER relies on our donors and volunteers so that we can capacity build our partners and support vulnerable people to exit poverty.

Could you donate or fundraise to change lives? Or perhaps you would like to lend your skills and experience through volunteering with us or one of our partners, either in the UK or overseas? 

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Our Causes

We work with locally-rooted projects both in the UK and in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Local projects best understand the needs of the communities that they serve and are able to co-produce sustainable routes out of poverty for vulnerable people. More

We focus our work on education projects for women and their families that help them to improve their health and to be empowered. We share information between projects and with influencers on the key issues that they identify.


Latest blogs

Olivia considers implications of the World Bank's decision to stop using the term "developing world".
Nicole from Peru explains why good work matters to her. Studying hospitality management at Condoray college, she is already putting her skills to use.
As part of our #HerWorkMatters series, ahead of International Workers Day on Sunday 1st May, we're exploring the relationships between labour rights, empowerment and education, and encouraging others to share their stories. Here, Maryann from Nigeria shares her experiences.

News & events

WONDER Workshop on Local Action for Global Change: Chichester

Olivia delivered a locally-focussed version of the SDGs workshop that we originally delivered at the DFID Youth Summit 

A musical way to empower through education

Support Wonder and have fun by going to see the new London musical Marco Polo, An Untold Love Story!

WONDER @ QMUL: Refugees

Wonder Foundation's Olivia Darby on the panel "Refugees: Distorted Realities. Economics or Human Rights" at QMUL, organised by Politics Made Public magazine.

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