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Across Nigeria poverty, poor provision and conflict present significant barriers to education for young people and, although circumstances vary by state, the situation is worse for girls.

Many young women are not able to get an education past the secondary level and instead may leave school vulnerable to early marriage, involuntary domestic servitude, and even trafficking.

In Nigeria we work with the Women’s Board to change this. By helping us fund vocational training scholarships, health education, and outreach activities through the projects below, you can offer women and girls in Nigeria the chance to take control of their future.

Lantana College

Lantana College of Hospitality is a vocational institution that provides technical and professional skills to young women from less privileged areas in Enugu, in southeastern Nigeria. Lantana helps women find their independence by giving them the experience they need to take care of themselves and their families financially.

During each school season Lantana trains roughly 50 girls, with the full cost of tuition costing around £1,700 per student. Could you cover this cost for a disadvantaged woman, and help her transform her life?


Orisun Outreach

Working in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria, this project visits schools in the city to provide opportunities for schoolgirls to learn about health and nutrition, as well as providing mentoring to help them raise their aspirations and stay in school. These activities help to make early marriage less likely and support girls to finish school and make positive choices for their futures.


Abidagba Clinic

Serving rural villages in Ogun state, southwestern Nigeria, the clinic has a strong preventative focus. Through community engagement and classes for new and expectant mothers and school girls, the local community learns how to stay healthy. These interventions have helped reduce infant mortality, and aided the prevention and management of common illnesses such as diabetes which prevent people from working, aggravating their poverty.   Through the provision of expertise and resources and the exchange of ideas we also work with Wavecrest College in Lagos and Iwollo Clinic in Enugu.