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Annual Report 2017-18

This year, Wonder Foundation and our partners have continued to work hard to empower women and girls to break the cycle of poverty through education.

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The last year has been an exciting one for the Wonder Foundation. Our network has been both strengthened and expanded, allowing us to lift more women, girls and families out of poverty through education, and to challenge communities to show more solidarity.

A highlight of the year has been the award of the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) grant. The FATIMA project sees us working with 210 vulnerable female migrants in the UK, Poland, Slovenia and Spain, supporting their successful integration into the host communities through education and personal support. We had great success in our emergency response for our partner school, Montefalco, in Mexico, which found itself at the earthquake epicentre last September. Thanks to our strong local links, we were able to respond swiftly and meet local needs. Schools, supporters and British Mexicans rallied together, and we raised £7,500. This enabled Montefalco to support 150 families. First, through emergency provisions, and long-term, through repairing and rebuilding 35 homes and providing 40 education scholarships.

Our support for nurse training in DR Congo has continued to grow. This is fundamental to the long-term development of the country’s health capacity, as well as providing excellent work opportunities to these students who are determined to change their country for the better.
These are just a few examples of what Wonder, directly and through our partners, have achieved in 18 countries, looking at each woman and girl as an individual and helping her to gain skills to create positive change in her life, her family and community. At a time when the world seems to be ever more unstable, building resilience is vitally important.

We have continued to work to build capacity and influence change, raising the voices and experiences of the women who lead and benefit from our programmes. In the last year, this has seen us develop policy ideas around social integration and mentoring in the UK and Europe, and raise awareness of our work in Guatemala, Nigeria, the Philippines and in the UK.

At the end of 2017, we said goodbye to Emily, who led our communications work for two years, and welcomed Amina in her place, as well as Paola to manage the FATIMA project. I would also like to thank our 230 incredible volunteers and trustees, whose hard work and initiative are essential to our work. Once again, we were nominated as LSE volunteering organisation of the year.

Finally, we continue to support our partners, at home and abroad, through innovative fundraising and capacity building. Learning so much from each individual, we are inspired by the progress of our past and present students.

Ekene Ngwuocha 

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