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Young People Working to Create Social Integration

Have you ever wondered  how to make society more equal? How to break down barriers between migrants and locals? Who is responsible for creating these changes? We offered young people the chance to gain an insight into social integration, media portrayals of migrants and social policy making through interactive workshops with expert speakers and the chance to understand how we can change society for the better!

Out of these discussions, young people worked together over several months to develop public policy initiatives. They came up with ideas that could be applied in the UK, Spain and Slovenia, at local, national and European levels. These were presented to a panel of experts who offered insightful critiques, and we are excited to share them with you here



Past Events

Policy Conference – Sharing Positive Values

16 February 2018

The last conference from the Knowing Me, Knowing You series, provided young people with the opportunity to have their ideas and voices heard. They got the chance to present policies that promote social integration to create a more welcoming society for all of us. At this event, we also had experts and policy makers who have dedicated their work to improving the lives of migrants in the UK.

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Integration Narratives: Learning from Film 

20 October

An interactive workshop and film forum on migration and integration! At this session, participants got the chance to pick a film of their choice that is concerned with migration and integration before designing and preparing their own film forum with discussion topics found interesting!
There was also a "Start a Conversation" event where young migrants and refugees were invited.

International Youth Conference

4 November

Our international youth conference in London provided young people with the opportunity to interact with experts in the field of migration and integration policy, and look closely into local, national and European-level policies that are geared toward fostering integration and solidarity with migrants.

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Refining Positive Values, Developing Policy

18 November

This free mentoring session provided young people with the chance to meet and interact with expert policy-makers in this area, on a one-on-one basis.

Understanding Policy Making

15 September, The Baytree Centre, SW9 6AE

Agreeing to Disagree 

16 August, The Baytree Centre, SW9 6AE

The third session taught participants how to discuss relevant, and sometimes sensitive issues, in non-confrontational ways. We welcomed Raphaella Gabrasadig, a young lawyer born into a Sudanese refugee family and with expertise in media framing; Journalist and expert Aidan White from the Ethical Journalism Network; and UCL researcher Aysun Kiran, who discussed how minorities are depicted in film with a focus on Turkish people, who represent a significant and often marginalised minority in several European countries. 

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Language as Power 

14 July, The Baytree Centre, SW9 6AE

This workshop allowed young people to step into the shoes of migrants and refugees coming to this country and understand the challenges that they face when they don't speak English. It included an insight into who has power to make decisions about how social issues are addressed in our communities, how to engage with those people, and practical activities in central London.

Pride and Prejudice 

21 July, The Baytree Centre, SW9 6AE

Pride and Prejudice explored the topic of identity and encouraged young people to understand the complexity of our own identities, as well as how easy it is to reduce others to a much simpler, and often disparaging, set of characteristics. We hosted Sagal Bafoe of the Anti-Tribalism Movement and Shefali Roy, a recent TedX Oxbridge Speaker, who shared their own experiences and helped us to see how we can identify, address and overcome our own biases and help others to appreciate who we are. 

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Learning from Migrants

22 July, with Xenia Women and Theodora Cadbury, Hackney Museum

This workshop gave young people the opportunity to spend time with migrants, sharing a picnic lunch whilst getting to know each other and learning things about each other.


This programme is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+