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Kazakhstani women from disadvantaged communities are more likely to marry young and experience domestic violence.  Legal, personal and vocational education helps them to avoid this.

KFCSED: educating and empowering young women in Kazakhstan 

Wonder works with the Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development (KFCSED) to support a range of education programs for young women in the country.

We believe that Kazakhstan’s society can be strengthened by making women the main actors of their own development and examples for their communities, engaging them in constructive social initiatives that address issues with a positive approach.


Previous partnership included helping to design and finance a project to teach more than 500 young women in a rural region about their rights, conflict resolution and the law on domestic violence.

We also support the Kumbel Training Centre based in Almaty, which provides professional hospitality training to low-income female students aged 16-18. These 9 month-long courses involve hospitality modules and practical training, as well as sessions on personal development, life skills and project management.


“There are many trainings on time management and organisation skills. We are taught to get out of our comfort zone, to be persistent and ambitious. It’s great. I became more proactive and less fearful of everything. I want to try new things and I am more responsible.” – Margarita, a student at Kubel.

If you'd like to know more about the context in which KFCSED's projects operate, you can view our research report here.


You can help empower more young women in Kazakhstan by donating today.