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KMKY Policy Conference: Sharing Positive Values

Friday, February 16, 2018

How can YOU use policy to transform your community? How can YOU create a more welcoming society for migrants? Announcing our Policy Conference: Sharing Positive Values


Wonder Foundation has been working with young people on this very issue, and we are thrilled to announce the final conference of our Knowing Me, Knowing You programme on Friday the 16th February 2018! Young people who have been through this journey with us will now be presenting their ideas for policies to make a difference to the lives of migrants.

Their ideas span over education initiatives, cross-cultural exchanges and childcare policies to bring communities closer together, and change the narrative on immigration both in the UK and across Europe.


Jamiesha Majevadia, FRSA - British Academy Policy Team

Jamiesha led on the British Academy’s migrant integration reports, "If you could do one thing", which were launched in Parliament in 2017 with the Minister for Integration, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth. The reports explore the impact of local actions in improving social integration. The British Academy is the national academy for the humanities and social sciences.

Dr Jennifer Sheehy Skeffington, FRSA - Social Psychology/ London School of Economics

Jennifer has attended Wonder’s previous workshops and provided expert advice on intergroup dynamics and hostilities – simply put, she explains how we have loyalties to some things (schools, sports teams, bands, countries etc) and stigmatise those from outside.

Richard Bell - Head of Public Affairs, Policy and Research at The Challenge

The Challenge is a social enterprise with a mission to connect and inspire young people of all ages and ethnicities across the UK. Richard lead on the All-Part Parliamentary Group report Integration Not Demonisation presented in parliament in 2018 by MPs including Chuka Umunna MP.

Sagal Bafo - Anti-Tribalism Movement

A British community leader born of Somali parents, Sagal works with the Anti-Tribalism Movement which aims to empower young people through challenging prejudice and connecting individuals from different tribes, clans and nations. She speaks fascinatingly about divided loyalties and the ‘suitcase mentality’ concept.

Nora Ratzmann - LSE Social Policy Department  

Nora is a PhD student with a focus on migrants in Germany, which has been a focal point of the European migrant crisis, and their access to basic social security. Nora has also shown an interest in how migrants interact with the street-level bureaucracy.

Hugh Simpson - The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government    

Hugh works at the Neighbourhoods and Community Cohesion Analysis team. His team supplies analytical support to those developing policies around migration and communities and coordinates with the Integration and Communities Directorate (ICD).

Craig Barnes - Integration Policy Team at The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government aims to give power to local people in shaping the future of their environment. Craig is primarily involved in the policy side of integration.

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We need your ideas, thoughts and experiences to help make these policies even stronger and build a warmer, more welcoming environment for all of us.


At this event, we will also have experts and policy makers who have dedicated their work to improving the lives of migrants in the UK. Meet and interact with them, to see how you can make a difference, and how your ideas and suggestions can be taken even further!


Register below so you don’t miss out:

A free lunch will be provided, and travel expenses reimbursed for anyone travelling further than 6 miles, if you provide receipts. This includes people travelling by Oyster Card. Please do email us if you are bringing a group.

This programme is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+