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Sharing the great taste of opportunity

Thursday, September 1, 2016

This week Wonder and Kensington’s Romulo Café announced an official charitable partnership, uniting London’s finest Filipino food with Wonder's support for young women’s education back in the Philippines. Customers will have 50p added to their bill, which will go towards helping vulnerable young Filipino women get the skills they need to secure a decent job in the hospitality industry. 

This small donation will enable those who love Filipino food and culture to give back, contributing to vocational training scholarships that can help transform the lives of students and their families.

Maria, a recent graduate of Wonder's partner school, explains what it meant to her: "It is because of my education that I now have a good job that allows me to earn well enough to help my family live better. I even help pay for the tuition fees of two of my siblings- both of whom are in high school.”

Find out more about Wonder's work in the Philippines here, or go ahead and book your table at Romulo to share the great taste of education and opportunity.