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Thank you for taking action to make sure your council is committed to ending modern slavery.


Modern Slavery is a crime that can be best understood as centred on destroying the freedom of an Individual – their freedom to choose to refuse certain work or to stop working, their freedom to control their body – so that they can be exploited. This freedom is taken away by threats, violence, coercion, deception and an abuse of power.

Modern slavery is often closely linked to organised crime, and illegal trafficking gangs can go to great lengths to disguise their crimes and falsify documentation. This means that slavery can be hidden in the most unexpected places, and often even in plain sight. 



Councils play an important role in all our lives as they are responsible for providing services and facilities in our local areas. Their job may include managing things like council housing, education services, local planning, local transport, parks and public places, recreational facilities, social services, waste and recycling, roads, footpaths and electoral registration. 

In order to provide all these services to us, councils often resort to subcontracting (employing other companies to provide some of their services). However, it is hard to know whether these companies that they’ve hired are employing people in fair ways, or using goods that have been ethically sourced, unless councils actively look and check. Yet, despite the government requiring large companies to report on their activities regarding modern slavery prevention and how they check on subcontractors, local governments are exempt from having to do so, even though they often have as much money or are as big as these companies!

We think that local councils should step up and be responsible by ensuring that they are not unwittingly employing people in unfair ways, or utilising goods that have been made unethically. Do we want our taxes being spent supporting the grave crime of modern slavery? 




Contact Your Politician
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Please be sure to include your name and the name of your local councillor and add a personalised sentence or two to the text below about what modern slavery means to you, as this will have more impact and will ensure that your message is not blocked!  If you get a response from your council please share it with us: 

Dear Councillor, 

I am a resident in your borough that cares about modern slavery because …insert personalised message

…. and I feel that it’s an issue that impacts our society in such negative and damaging ways. 

I would like to know what steps the council are taking to combat modern slavery in my borough including; 

* What is the council doing to combat modern slavery?

* Subcontracting and lengthy employment supply chains can hide cases of modern slavery, if you are subcontracting services how do you make sure that these individuals are not victims of modern slavery?

* What is my council doing to ensure that they, and subcontractors delivering work on their behalf, only buy goods that are ethically sourced, made without the use of modern slavery?

I look forward to hearing your response, 

Your resident, 

Your name 



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SEE-ME (Solidarity, Education, Engagement - Modern-Day Slavery in Europe) is a project that will be funded by Erasmus+, which will run for around a year from July 2018. We are offering young people the chance to gain an insight into modern slavery and human trafficking so that they can harness their skills and knowledge to put build solidarity, explore the complexity of this subject and work to end it.

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