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Established in 2012 as the Women’s Network for Development and Educational and Resources (WONDER), Wonder is a charity dedicated to empowering vulnerable people through education. We work with locally-led partners around the world to help women, girls and their families access the education and support they need to exit poverty, for good.

Wonder was founded on the values of solidarity and partnership, and we offer assistance to anyone, regardless of race or religion.  

What makes Wonder different

We’re women-led

Local women can and must lead the way when it comes to escaping poverty through education. That’s why we work with partners as equals, assisting them as much as possible on their own terms.

We work for real, long-term change

Real change takes time - whether it’s personal, professional, or community-wide. That’s why students in our partner projects receive mentoring to make sure that they are able to complete their education and fulfil their potential.

We believe that good work can end poverty

Employment with good pay, conditions and prospects, is an essential part of making sure education truly transforms people’s lives.   

How we work

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Our vision

We’re working towards a future where women and girls are empowered to make informed life choices, where development is achieved through sustainable, quality education leading to professional employment. We aspire to a world where local people are listened to and lead the way in their own progress, and where the challenges they face as individuals are acknowledged. 

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How can we make it happen?

Together, we can make this better world a reality! By supporting projects that empower through mentoring, study and access to decent employment, we can help disadvantaged women around the world build a better life.

Watch Lala’s story to understand how this works in reality: