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Aminata, student at Yarani, Côte d’Ivoire

Aminata studies at Yarani, the only vocational training provider in Abobo, Abidjan’s most populous area. Since joining the programme, Aminata has acquired a whole new set of skills, which she hopes will assist her in working towards her dream of working in the biggest hotel in the world!

Aminata (far left) with her friends

Gaining a better understanding of the hospitality industry 

"Through the course, I have been able to learn many things, which before joining the programme I had no idea of, including how to set the table and how to arrange things properly. Thanks to the training programme, I am now able to learn all of these skills and understand how a hotel operates and functions."

Prior to joining Yarani, Aminata wasn't sure of where her future path lay.

"When I came to Yarani, I didn’t have a clue as to what vocational trait I wanted to specialise in, but through time, I’ve gained a wider understanding of the hospitality industry and Yarani, being a good school, has taught me many things."

Instigating change

Not only does Yarani provide accredited vocational training, but it empowers young women to excel and progress in their own personal development through mentorship and life skills.

"Yarani helps young girls to advance in their lives and has also helped instigate change within my own life."

Taking charge

Through the programme, Aminata has learnt to take pride and ownership of her work, and as a result, enjoys taking charge at home.

"When I’m at home now, I take charge of the household and say ‘Ah, don’t get that dirty’, ‘Arrange that this way’, ‘Do this, do that’. I want everything around me to be clean."

A future to look forward to

Aminata credits Yarani for their excellent teaching syllabus and for the strong work ethic and values they impart to their students.

"At Yarani, we are taught well and supervised. They push us to advance ourselves. In the future, I see myself becoming an independent woman able to help and support my family. I would love to work in the biggest hotel in the world!" 

Aminata is extremely grateful for the opportunity to enrol in the hospitality programme with Yarani and believes that had this opportunity not presented itself, she would not have been able to further her studies and as a result her prospects in life.

"If I hadn’t received the opportunity to come to Yarani, I'd probably would have stayed at 'general school', to continue my studies without the option of going to university or focusing on a vocation to advance my prospects."

"I have made some good friends here, and we all get on really well and spend a lot of time together."

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