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What do we offer?

We offer tailored support to our partner projects across our core areas of experience, such as needs assessment, project design, delivery and evaluation and overcoming the challenges of working with hard-to-reach and marginalised groups. We provide advice and training across these areas to help local projects to be effective and change the lives of vulnerable people.

We also have significant fundraising experience across grants giving organisations and communities. This way, we can advice small but effective education projects around the world on best practice when applying for funds, so they are able to have greater access to funds and expertise. Our selection process, after a project applies or is recommended to us, is thorough and focuses on assessing activities according to financial records, official accreditations, previous evaluations, and evidence of impact.

Partners must be non-profit organisations or social enterprises established in the receiving country and legally recognised by the local authorities. The proposing entity must have a successful track record in the field of education, health or women’s empowerment, and local personnel with adequate technical competency to manage the project.

After these stages have passed, the decision to assist will be based on how the project’s needs match our skills and the related support we can identify in the UK.

How can you move forward?

We proactively look for projects to support but unfortunately have limited capacity to work with other projects. If you think your project fits into our vision and have a specific support need, do get in touch.

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Advice on developing local fundraising activities for an education NGO, Enugu, Nigeria

  • Training for over 100 UCL students as part of the prestigious UCLU Global Citizens scheme more information on our training
  • Advice on undertaking needs assessments and participatory project development for a women's empowerment NGO, Davao City, Philippines
  • Business plan development for a social enterprise for vulnerable women in Haringey, London, UK
  • Needs assessment consultation and training on engaging stakeholders in project design for an education NGO, New Delhi, India
  • Supporting a Guatemala City women's project in engaging other NGOs in a network (Red Lourdes Nuila) to use resources more efficiently and more effectively serve local familes, Guatamala.
  • Consultation on the needs of vulnerable children and families for a charity, Haringey, London, UK
  • Project management training for women community leaders, Brixton and Hackney, London, UK
  • Outcomes training for leaders of young women's leadership organisations from across Europe, Manchester, UK
  • Training on running youth projects and engaging young people in project leadership, Zaragoza, Spain
  • Working with our partners in Slovenia to implement our UK Partner, The Baytree Centre's, 'PEACH' project, a mentoring and character building project for young women and their parents which our team helped Baytree to develop, in Ljubljana.

Download our guide on how to set up and run a community project (this has a UK focus but many of the tips are universal).