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4 ways to change women's and girls' lives without an ice bucket


As the news broke this week that the funds raised by the “Ice Bucket Challenge” viral sensation of 2014 are actually making a difference, we thought it was time to draw up some (less soggy) inspiration of what you can do to raise money to educate women and girls around the world.

1) Catch up with friends

Why not make the most of your next get together? That’s exactly what our friend and Wonder Woman Gloria did last month, holding a Peruvian themed lunch in aid of Condoray College, our vocational training partner in Peru. She and 20 friends nibbled on Peruvian fare (courtesy of Mira Peru), discussed what they could do for the girls at Condoray, and, of course, had a good catch up. They also raised a whopping £1,685! 

2) Share your musical talents

Are you an aspiring musician, part of an orchestra or band? Then why not play or busk to help girls and women in the UK and abroad get the education they need to thrive? That’s exactly what Reyes and Leticia during their performance at the Purley Classics Concert series at Purley United Reformed Church, raising £145 in the process. You can get a taste of their performance from this clip. 


3) Screen a film

Popcorn: check. Everyone loves a night out at the movies to see a quirky documentary, independent film or uncover an old treasure. Heneral Luna – a Filipino historic film – was the entertainment of choice for the Filipino diaspora in London, who recently enjoyed a screening and raised £840 in aid of FPTI, WONDER’s educational partners in the Philippines.

Why not find a movie you’re passionate about and do the same? (Just make sure you get the screening rights for your film!

4) Get active

Need that extra motivation to get going? A sponsorship target to fund scholarships for vulnerable girls could be just what you need for your next run, swim or cycle. Or you could take a leaf out of star fundraiser Boris Dosseh’s book and embark on a team challenge that will help you meet new people and achieve amazing personal goals, while supporting education and health projects for women and girls. As part of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, he raised £1,000 for our partners in Cote d’Ivoire – awesome!

A massive thank you to all our star fundraisers for their inspirational efforts! If you would like to join them, you can get going by setting up a page on My Donate and selecting “Wonder Foundation”. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your idea – we have lots of useful tips and resources and can help you to organise your fundraising activity.