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Educating and Empowering Women in Kazakhstan

Olivia Darby, Wonder Foundation

In the countryside around Almaty, Kazakhstan, girls have few options. For Fatima's parents seeing her married quickly once she had finished school was a top priority. Fatima had another idea and applied to study at Kumbel. She wanted the option of being independent and marrying someone of her own choosing when she felt ready to make such an important decision.

After a year of studying at Kumbel, and once she had got a good job and a paycheck, Fatima had convinced her parents and become a leader and role model for other young women in her village. With Kumbel support Fatima is changing her life and raising aspirations. 

This is just one of the inspiring stories that we heard from Kumbel's Maria Javier Brugarolas at our 'Women in Kazakhstan' evening. Attended by Kazakhstanis based in London and others interested in this incredible country, it also gave a platform to Jans Mynbayeva, who presented her research on the situation for women in Kazakhstan, which she undertook on behalf of WONDER and Kumbel's parent charity, KFCSED.  Since 2005 KFCSED has been reaching out to disadvantaged women in remote, low-income regions and opened Kumbel Training Centre in 2012 as a response to the few opportunities open to many young women. Kumbel enables these women to learn skills for entry into the growing hospitality sector, where there is a shortage of skilled workers. 

Jans' research provides an insight into the situation for women in Kazakhstan, a diverse country with huge resources and great potential as well as more specifically into the country’s hospitality sector. We believe that supporting Kazakhstan’s women to reach their potential and make informed choices about their futures will be a great investment in the economic, social and cultural future of the country.

Support women in Kazakhstan

We are looking for speakers of Russian and Kazakh, as well as those with design and audiovisual skills to help us to continue our support for KFCSED. Apply to volunteer here. You can also donate to support our work in Kazakhstan, knowing your money will be well spent. Please get in touch to make a donation. 

Jans Mynbayeva at the event. You can view more pictures of the event here.