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My mother, my hero - girls from Nigeria share their Mother's Day wishes

Olivia Darby, The Wonder Foundation

This Mother's Day, it's natural to reflect on what your mum means to you. Here, girls from schools we support in Nigeria share why their mothers inspire them.


 "My mother is my hero because she brings out time to attend all my activities and performances and supports me in school.

Growing up, she even went out of her way to borrow for the family and support my dad when he did not have money.

My parents and family have influenced my education by giving me moral lessons, advising me, paying my fees and buying the items I need.My parents and family have influenced my education by giving me moral lessons, advising me, paying my fees and buying the items I need."




"When I was ill and could not go to school, as a child, she would wish that the illness will be transferred to her, to help me bear the pain.

To ensure that I had enough clothes like children of my age, as there was no money for new clothes, she would bring out her own wrapper and sew new clothes for me.

She worked hard to make sure that the family did not feel left out because our father’s income could not take care of some needs at times. 

My parent and family have influenced my education by paying my school fees, they paid a special tutor to teach me the subjects that I found difficult and they ensured that I did my assignment. They are still struggling to sponsor my training here in Orisun School of Hospitality."




"My mother is a hero because she keeps the family together. She had always been there for me, always tried to encourage me. My mother has shown me right from wrong. She is a strong woman and has qualities of a good mother. She is a very caring person. She has set rules for me that have guided me in many ways. 

My parents have influenced my education by encouraging me to keep struggling that I can make it. 

My mother for example, always tells me not to give up, that even though I do not have brain to become a doctor or lawyer, I can possibly do something with my hands, by learning and practicing hard work (catering), which I also have interest in."   



"My mother is my hero because she really understands. As a school girl, growing up and not knowing so much about life, I had many problems, mixing up with people and so, I constantly needed guidance. She always left everything she had to do to pay attention to me as if I was all she had in the world.

My parents sponsored and still sponsor my education. If I had problems with one particular subject, they would try their best, taking their time to explain things clearly to me better. Seeing my interest in hospitality, they took pains to search out one of the best institutions for me."



"My mother is my hero because always woke up early to prepare the food I would take to school as I would be hungry before dismissal. She used to undergo even humiliating situations (example not paying up early her dues in her social groups), so as to ensure that my fees were paid early and that I was not disgraced and sent away from school. 

Growing up, I had health issues that caused my body not to tolerate certain food items, so, she made some sacrifices to be able to provide me with the tolerable food items, even if they were more expensive. Like this, I was healthier and fit for my studies. 

In my course of study, hospitality, I have my family’s encouragement, especially as it is skill acquisition. It is obvious that in spite of the financial difficulties in the family, they still make efforts to pay my fees as much they can."



"From the beginning of my school days as a little girl, my mother, my hero had always paid my fees and bought my books. She always woke up very early to go and sell vegetables at the market to get money so as to ensure that I and my siblings are well and looked healthy like other children at school and to make sure that we did not beg for food or other items at school. Constantly, she gave up her time of comfort and rest (even when she was ill and needed it) to go and sell vegetables, so as to provide basic needs for the family, as my father was not taking care of us. 

I am grateful to my sister for choosing this school of hospitality where I am learning a lot. To pay my fees in school sometimes, my family even borrows." 

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