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Three women share what education means to them

Emily Loud (Wonder Foundation)

Join us to celebrate the determination, achievements and diligence of women around the world who have overcome barriers of gender and disadvantage to fulfil their potential. Jenica, Nicole and Irene have done just that, and we’re proud to work with and for women like them.

That’s why we do our best to fundraise and support the schools they attend every day. If you would like to join us, you can donate here.

Jenica, Philippines

"We’re a simple family of 10 and I am the eldest girl. I didn't know what to do after High School because my family couldn't afford to send me to school. One day, I was working as a housemaid for my aunt’s friend who referred me to my school because she knows about our family situation.

The most interesting thing that I have learned is to work and to put love on what I am doing. My favourite part of my study is baking, which I like the most because we were asked to be creative in our designs.

My mentor helps me a lot. She always guides or helps me especially in times of failure and problems. My mother succumbed to cancer last summer and my mentor was there to advice and teach me how to face my problems and to be strong. With her help, I learned to persevere more in everything. I want to work in the food industry to help my family in their needs and so that I can help my siblings to finish their studies.

Nicole, Peru

“Throughout my studies I have learnt how to complete my personal goals through the personal development classes.  I have managed to develop more self-confidence, to cultivate values, to address my weaknesses, to understand others. With certainty I can say what I want to do in the future.  In my final year of studies I will finish enriching myself with experiences and knowledge, so that I can then create a food and drink business with my family. This will improve the family finances which is important as I have younger siblings and I have a responsibility to help my parents with my their education. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to learn. I am thankful for my personal and professional training. What I have learned has greatly improved our situation as I have shared it with my parents and siblings."

Irene, DRC

“This year, I hope to be able to finish my studies. I hope that thanks to the generosity of people, I will become a great professional.

These are examples of a thousand and one stories heard at college, in person. Since I arrived to study here I am amazed by how much each student brings, but we also cannot forget what each one takes when they leave here: understanding, friendship, human and professional training. We could say that the work done at our institution is a medium-term investment but one that is worth investing in, because the lives of many people and the development of a country which are at stake.”