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Cameroon has high levels of poverty and many girls abandon school early to work and have children. Help us work to change their life chances. 

Poverty is also a significant challenge for many in Cameroon, and the situation is pronounced for women, who are also typically less literate, go to school in smaller numbers and are more likely to be involved in informal labour. Child labour is unfortunately common, as is childbirth for some young women (15-19). All in all, there is a clear need for quality training and access to good work as a route out of poverty.

Sorawell Professional Training College, Cameroon

Sorawell Professional Training College, a hospitality and catering training facility in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital city, provides education that leads to meaningful opportunities for girls to avoid these pitfalls. Sorawell offers girls from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to study and develop new skills.


After completing their classes in subjects such as cooking, nutrition and house-keeping, the students stand a high chance of securing employment within Yaounde’s growing hospitality and tourism industries. As a result, these women can double their family income, and bring sustainable economic and social development to their communities for themselves and future generations.

How you can help

Sorawell is currently in urgent need of refurbishment in order to be able to continue offering high-quality training in a clean, safe and professional environment. For the sum of £1,000, we can purchase new equipment including nine brand new and professional quality tables for the training centre and ensure the high standard of learning and atmosphere of the college is maintained. Start today by donating £10: