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How can you get a job if you've never had one before? Our project helped young people share skills and knowledge with their peers by building a mobile application.

Youth unemployment across Europe is a massive issue and research shows that young people from the UK are better prepared for the workplace than many of their European counterparts. With this in mind, we encouraged young people from the UK to reflect on their own experiences in the workplace and then share this information with their peers from Spain and Slovenia.


The main result was iGro; an app created by young people, for young people. iGro revolves around nine key employability skills, from teamwork to time management, which young people and youth workers can use to identify, evidence and note skills and competencies.These can then be identified on CVs.


The app was backed up by research conducted across a variety of employers about the skills they look for in young employees. In addition, during the project over 100 youth workers and 500 young people across Europe were trained in observing, naming and measuring these outcomes to improve employability among young people in their community.


Download iGro from the iTunes or Android stores, or watch the infomercial:




Easier Transitions was funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme, and worked in collaboration with partners across the United Kingdom, Spain, Latvia and Slovenia.