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Emerance, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC

Where there is a will, there is a way

Born into a large family with nine siblings, Emerance was all too aware of the financial struggles facing her family; however, she did not let her hopes of studying nursing die down and was determined to pursue this path despite the situation she found herself in.

“Although my parents don’t possess the financial means for me to study, I nevertheless sat the entrance exams for nursing.”

On the path to pursuing her dream

ISSI discussed the possibility of a scholarship with  Emerance – a prospect she was completely overjoyed by, as it meant she could finally start pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse!

“ISSI has spoken to me about the possibility of a scholarship, so I have leapt at the opportunity. I dream of being able to finish and to be able to help others.”

Emerance is grateful for the support of generous donors, who have made it possible for her to continue with her studies and work towards becoming a qualified nurse.

“For this to be possible, I rely on the help of other people.”

Seeing the silver lining behind every hardship 

Despite coming from a home where her family did not possess the financial capacity to fund her education, Emerance believes she has the advantage of being able to relate more to those in need of help.

“It's curious, but when you are in need, it is easier to put yourself in the place of someone who suffers. It makes you more human and that is why I think I will like nursing.”

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