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We’re currently working to gather and share key lessons and resources around mentoring with youth workers in the UK and Europe.

SEE-ME Ending Modern Slavery Programme

The concept for SEE-ME emerges from discussions with young people involved in Wonder's other youth projects on citizenship and solidarity. We are looking for young people, aged 16-26 to form a core team to share trafficking and modern slavery awareness among their peers. As part of this, young people will access FREE, CERTIFIED training. 

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FATIMA Project

Adjusting to a new country is never easy, but for women, personal and practical barriers can make it even more difficult for them to integrate into society. Our recently-launched collaborative project supports the empowerment and social integration of migrant women across four countries.

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Knowing Me, Knowing You

In 2017, we're running a series of workshops with young people to discuss social integration and the key question: how can we make the UK a more welcoming country?

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Helping Hands: expanding mentoring for disadvantaged youth

Mentoring can be particularly effective to help vulnerable young people build resilience, raise their aspirations and complete their education.

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A Refugee Like Me: welcoming young refugees to the UK

How can young people welcome refugees to the UK and be part of the decision-making process? This was the question we sought to answer as part of our cross-European project, covering education, integration and policy in 2016.

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Easier Transitions: iGro

helping young people get into work How can you get a job if you’ve never had one before? This is a question facing many young people across Europe today, and one that was at the heart of our previous European project – Easier Transitions.

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