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Citizenship in action: Living Well Summer Camp

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Living Well Summer Camp took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from July 22-30th. Over 60 girls from all over the UK and Portugal took part in the Erasmus+ funded project, which aimed to help participants develop life skills in a fun and informal setting. The trip fostered skills needed for responsible citizenship, organisation and problem solving, as well as team building and a better sense of self-awareness. 

Activities ranged from water sports to volunteering with the elderly, traditional Portuguese cookery classes to bread-making competitions, and workshops on personality types to budgeting and healthy eating. Discussions were held on diversity, freedom and identity, as well as day-trips to Lisbon and Fatima. 

The entire project was a wonderful opportunity for expanding cultural horizons, reaching out to others, and finding practical ways to make positive changes in the future. 

Here are what participants had to say about their time together:

Judith (15, from Redhill): “I’ve learned that ‘living well’ doesn’t just mean looking after yourself, but looking after everybody else as well.”

Carlota (15, from Lisbon): “I would like to go to the UK next year on this summer camp, as I have made new friends who I am sad to part from now. I have learned how to relate to others better.”

Maria (16, from Manchester): “I’ve had a really good time learning how to do useful things. I feel like I’ve got a new positive perspective on life.”

Candela (22, from Surrey): “I had a role of responsibility as one of the group leaders, and it was a challenging but rewarding experience for me. I had the opportunity to get to know another culture and get to know myself more at the same time.”

Isabel (15, from Purley): “This camp really left me fulfilled and refreshed (…) I have learnt things about myself that I never knew.”

Refkha (16, from Essex): “Through the Living Well Summer Camp, I’ve learned that I’m a really giving person. I want to continue to be that kind of person.”


This summer camp was part of the “Living Well” project, funded by Erasmus+.