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Corporate volunteers give back & get creative

Friday, June 2, 2017

Last week we were privileged to have a team of corporate volunteers from Tokio Millennium’s London office join us for a whole day of activities supporting our future fundraising work.

Danielle Stokes, Claims Handler, shared her experiences of the day:

“Tokio Millennium Re (TMR), a global reinsurance company, aims to give back to charities and communities in many different ways.

One way that we do this is by having an annual “Day of Giving” in each of our five offices, where we visit local charities and communities to offer our time and skills for the day.

This year 14 employees volunteered at the Wonder Foundation, whose East London office is close by TMR’s London office. For the day, we assisted in preparing colourful decorations for the Foundation’s annual charity ball, a tropical theme this year!

We made bright flower pom-poms, garlands and a photo booth among many other decorations. A few of us also got started on packing the charity’s Christmas card sets (original design created by a Kenyan artist).

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the day and really felt that we were able to add a lot of value, for a task that would have taken the Wonder Foundation’s small team weeks to complete. This allowed them to focus on more important fundraising and consulting tasks.”

We thank Tokio’s volunteers for getting stuck into the tasks we needed help with, and look forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to volunteer with us as part of a company initiative, get in touch to discuss opportunities at