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Helping young Europeans through mentoring

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wonder is working on a new Erasmus+ funded project to introduce mentoring and its benefits to young people across Europe. Alongside partners in Latvia, Poland, Slovenia and Spain, we are piloting mentoring initiatives and developing engaging resources in several languages.

Mentoring is an enriching experience for both mentor and mentee that can have a lifelong impact.   At Wonder we believe that one-to-one support is an essential part of the education and empowerment process that sadly many young people do not have access to.  Mentoring offers a space for young people to build their resilience and agency, reflect upon their goals and how to achieve them and is a source of advice and support in times of transition or crisis. For many, it is the first time they can build a relationship with an adult or a peer that is not merely transactional. 

Many European countries do not have a culture of mentoring and there are few mentoring projects and limited materials in their own language that mentors can use with their mentees. We are developing a series of how to guides and training videos to encourage more people to set up their own projects and support them, as they become mentors. 

By creating easily accessible tools for mentors and providing more information to young people about how mentoring can help them personally and professionally we hope that more young people will not just engage in mentoring but enjoy the increased mental wellbeing, career development and social mobility that it can bring.  

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