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Wonder meets international partners for training and knowledge exchange

Monday, May 8, 2017

A meeting in Rome keeps Wonder up to date with our partners' progress and challenges

Last week Policy Director Olivia Darby met with our vocational training partners from Guatemala, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Philippines, Honduras, Nigeria, Kenya and DRC to hear developments in their programmes and share current best practice.

Olivia presented a workshop to help partner projects to better understand how to measure their impact, as well as how to present it to stakeholders in their own countries and overseas. Liliane from Cameroon said, “It was fantastic. I had never thought about it from that perspective and I am excited about sharing what I have learnt with people at home. You should come and give us a workshop in Yaounde!” 

In return, projects presented their current work and challenges, including higher demand for training than they can supply, unreliable electricity and the need to expand training facilities. Discussing common pitfalls allowed project directors to share knowledge and work on solutions together. They were interested in learning about each others’ income-generation ideas.

Despite difficulties, they reported continued success in helping their students into professional work soon after they’ve completed a course. This ensures that their training has a tangible, long-term impact both on the student and their family, whom they often support with additional income earned.

The forum was organised by an Italian NGO, and as such was also an opportunity to exchange best practice with other organisations similar to Wonder, including education projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Brazil,  and the partners with whom we work, such as Women’s Board in Nigeria, FPTI in the Philippines and Junkabal in Guatemala.

Olivia and Lilliane from Cameroon.