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This #YellowSunday, help train 1,000 nurses in DRC

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Welcome summer with a good deed, by joining the #YellowSunday campaign on 18th June 2017. 

What's #YellowSunday?

It's an annual campaign started by Congolese organisations, aiming to support the country's people however they need it most. We're so happy to be part of it for the first time!

This year, the focus is on training 1,000 new nurses to save lives and provide essential medical care to the people of DRC. Money donated to us as part of this campaign will be given to ISSI, a nursing school and our long-term partner in Kinshasa, which will be ready to train many of these new recruits. 


Why yellow?

In Congolese mythology, yellow symbolises wealth – and the greatest wealth Congo has is its people, who have suffered considerable in recent times. By wearing Yellow on Sunday 18.06.2017 you’ll not only be showing support for those who have struggled through conflict and poverty, but you will be part of helping people rebuild their lives. 


How can I get involved?

Simply put on your your sunniest yellow t-shirt, hat or anything else you have, snap and share it on your favourite social media site using #YellowSunday, and then donate to train nurses using the link below. Your work will bring a ray of sunshine to the people of DRC!