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Whether you’re a school, university or workplace looking to get an introduction to the issues we work on, learn about a particular project, or share technical skills then we’re happy to give you an interactive custom workshop.

For schools and workplaces

As an example, we recently gave a series of workshops to Oliver House School in south London, to introduce them to our partner Junkabal School in Guatemala and the broader landscape of women’s rights, education and development in South America. We have also previously given workshops around the themes of the refugee crisis, integration and learning English for vulnerable migrant and refugee populations.

For NGOs, community organisations and volunteers

We also offer training for community leaders, volunteers and organisations. In the last year we have organised workshops on project management, fundraising, community engagement, supporting and mentoring volunteers, child protection and personal development, both in the UK and for organisations working overseas.

Get in touch by emailing to commission a bespoke workshop. Pricing available upon request.