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Gloria, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC

A career path like no other!

Gloria, a trainee nurse at ISSI, enjoys helping others and takes great satisfaction in being of service to others to support their needs.

"I like helping people and believe that taking care of a healthy or ill person is priceless.”

Although nursing as a profession is not well-regarded in the Congo, Gloria has not allowed this to prevent her from pursuing her passion of helping others and aspires to change negative perceptions once she qualifies as a nurse.

“Nursing in the Congo is not well regarded, but I like it, and I think that if I take advantage of these years of training and learn to work well, people’s perspective on the profession can change.”

From nurse training to personal development

Personal development is an integral part of the education and training that students receive through our partner projects so they possess the confidence and self-belief to make informed decisions in their lives and fulfil their potential.

Gloria appreciates the sponsorship that she is receiving and how ISSI has helped her to develop not only as a nursing student but also as a person.

“I’m aware that all the activities that ISSI organises are contributing not only to my nursing training but also to my development as a person.”

Aspiring to save countless of lives

Thanks to the scholarship, Gloria can look forward to being a vital asset to her community and saving countless lives after qualifying as a nurse.

“I’m deeply grateful for the help that I’m receiving, and I’d like to encourage you to keep supporting us. Without your help, I would not be studying at ISSI. In the Congo, a well-trained nurse can save countless lives."

You can continue to empower more young women like Gloria through education by supporting Wonder Foundation today.