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Disadvantaged young women face a struggle to access education and stable, professional work in Honduras, especially in rural areas. Our partner school is helping to change that.

Los Sauces Hospitality School, Honduras

The education provided by our partner Los Sauces School of Hospitality offers a unique opportunity to empower young women from unstable, low-income backgrounds to create a better life for themselves, their communities, and their country.

Carmen is the youngest of 7 siblings. Just before her interview one of the directors asked her, “What will you do if you don't get the scholarship at the hospitality school?” She replied, "I’ll keep picking up trash."

Since February 2000, the school, which is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has been educating young women from rural areas all over the country. Training is comprehensive, offering three different types of education programmes and includes a full 3-year scholarship which includes food, accommodation, uniforms, learning materials, and instruction. To date, the school has opened up new horizons for over 4,000 women from impoverished areas, giving them the opportunity to continue their studies, study and work internationally, and thrive in their communities.


The school’s practical approach of learning-by-doing, one-on-one attention, and the dedication of the staff and volunteers significantly transform the lives of young women. It improves quality of life for students and their families, reintroduces graduates in the labour market as highly qualified professionals, and significantly reduces the possibility that girls will become involved in criminal associations.

After completing their studies, some graduates continue their studies in hospitality and other disciplines, while a portion of them work as middle managers in hotels, embassies, and hospitals. Some also return to their communities to promote change and set up their own micro-businesses. As evidenced over the past seventeen years, these professional training programs fully prepare young women by transforming them into real leaders, generators of change, and development advocates who serve as a great inspiration to young women all over the country.

Lilian (second from the left) with the Ambassador of Honduras to the United Kingdom (far left)

Discover the inspiring story of  Lilian, a hospitality professional and alumni of Los Sauces Hospitality School, who went from working on her family's small plot of land in Honduras to serving tea to the Queen! 

Read Lilian's story

How you can help

As graduates become leaders and promoters of change in their communities, the school generates a very high return on its investments. However, these great achievements require increased support. Every year, hundreds of women throughout Honduras are very excited about the prospect of attending the Los Sauces Hospitality School and the possibility of changing their lives. In order for this vision to be sustainable, the association relies on the contribution of people just like you.

To help sustain the achievements of the Los Sauces School of Hospitality and play a role in furthering the educational opportunities of women, please donate today.