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We’re ambitious when it comes to helping women and girls transform their lives through education, but we also know that it takes a lot to make real and lasting change happen.

These are the strands of work we support to help students at our partner schools fulfil their potential:

Education and employment

Girls around the world still don’t get the same access to education as their male counterparts. However, it’s not just about access - the quality of their education matters too. Vocational training rooted in local employment needs is a reliable, sustainable way of ensuring girls can get the skills they need to have a better quality of life.

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Skills alone are not always enough for success. To pursue a new career in circumstances that may be difficult, it’s essential for disadvantaged students to be able to access mentoring to build confidence, resilience and enable them to complete their course of study.

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Good work

Professional work with secure conditions, pay and prospects is a vital route for women to escape poverty for life. That’s why we support education programmes with a clear link to employability.

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Empowering spaces

Students learn best when they feel safe and respected. To facilitate this, classrooms should be empowering spaces which are safe and inclusive places for students to comfortably participate in education.

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Family support

A family is everybody’s immediate support system and is therefore critical to consider when it comes to learning, aspirations and escaping poverty. Wherever possible, we aim to work with partners that incorporate these ideas in their programmes.

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