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Last year, we worked with 22 partner organisations across 18 countries, supporting the education of 7,117 young women through our partner programmes.

We also supported the training of 200 local leaders, empowering them to meet the needs of their communities.

Wonder numbers

In the past year, 864 women and girls graduated with recognised vocational qualifications, of whom 98% entered formal or self-employment, doubling their family income within 6 months. 80% were able to triple their family income within two years of graduation.

Annual reports

Every year we round up our impact and activities for the past year in our annual report. You can read them below.

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Wonder’s evaluation processes

For projects applying for support We have a strict internal evaluation process for projects applying for support. You can find out more by reading about our requirements for accepting a new project partner.

Read about how we partner with projects


For projects we assist

These are required to send us due diligence reports every year, explaining and providing evidence of how the funds or resources we supply have been used. The bulk of this will be found in our annual reports. 

Read annual reports

For volunteers and interns

Events and internships are always evaluated, providing people who give their spare time to us to feedback on their experiences and enable us to organise a better experience in the future.

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For our organisation as a whole

Our trustees meet several times a year to review our policies and progress. We are also a registered charity, which means part of our annual reporting process every year is to provide details of our finances and activities to the charity commission (view our entry on their website here).

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