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The Kamalini Vocational Training Centre has a lasting impact on its students.

Kamalini Vocational Training Centre, India

The training centre offers an opportunity for underprivileged women to break the cycle of extreme poverty in India. Women attending Kamalini are from low-income, underprivileged families. Many have migrated to New Delhi from the countryside dreaming of an escape from poverty which they didn't find.


Kamalini has two centres close to New Delhi, offering training and education in fashion design, computer operations, cooking and housekeeping, handicrafts and English. As a locally-rooted project, the centre has a strong awareness of the value of these skills in the local job market.

"Today, I study, work and earn! Kamalini has given me the skills to not just work as a salesgirl but to also help in altering and stitching clothes at the boutique. Apart from my job, I also stitch clothes for my family and neighbours. Kamalini has helped me find my calling in a profession that I want to pursue in the future" - Asmabano, 19 years old, Cutting and Tailoring student (2011).

Kamalini empowers women to change their lives and prospects through encouragement, basic education, vocational training and work placements with respectful employers. Kamalini has a proven lasting impact on its students and has trained more than 550 women since 2007. Follow up shows that 60% percent of Kamalini graduates report a higher income following training. This isn't just because of the work skills they learn, entering the job market for the first time or getter better compensated work; it's because they know how to run their homes and manage their bills in more efficient ways.

Ethical fashion label visit Kamalini 


Co-founder, Lavinia, and head designer, Lydia, of the ethical fashion label Beulah London, which is enjoyed by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, visited Kamalini Vocational Training Centre in India earlier in the year. The guests were particularly impressed by the quality of the products students on the fashion design, handicrafts and sewing courses were producing.

Barbara, project manager at Kamalini, said, “There is a lot of synergy in our vision, and Beulah’s aim to help women through fashion, and we would love to be a part of the Beulah story in the future.”

How you can help

These women have more confidence and are better able to deal with the challenges that we all know that life throws at them. This makes them better able to invest in their children and make the most of their skills and talents. You can help us raise funds for Kamalini to support their much needed work.