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Gender equality is not just about women fighting for their rights. It is equally important for men to contribute to women's empowerment. Why? Because it is as normal as brushing your teeth. It is 2017. That is why I decided to spend several months with Wonder Foundation in London while finishing my MA degree. It was a great experience and I strongly recommend you do the same. If you are passionate about social justice and want to advance your skills, then you should definitely check if Wonder has something suitable for you.

"Thank you again for all the support and experience you've given me these past few months. I learned so much from volunteering with WONDER and working with the schools."

"Volunteering at Wonder has helped me in numerous ways. Working on the Near Miss Campaign gave me relevant experience in pregnancy and women public health issues that will greatly support my MSc Health Psychology degree, but also helped facilitate my future career goals in relation to bettering women health services. Volunteering here helped me to gain insightful knowledge into the running’s and workings of an NGO."

"Working at The Wonder Foundation was an amazing experience! I was trusted with a significant amount of responsibility, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. The staff provided constant support throughout my time here and gave me opportunities to get involved with multiple areas of the organisation. It was a truly great experience that allowed me to learn the ins and outs of international nonprofit work."

I really enjoyed my time at Wonder working on a report about women in Nigeria. The things I learnt have fuelled my desire to help in some way. It was great to work among people who have hearts for others. The team at Wonder is very friendly, they really enjoy what they do and seem to be good at it as well. I’ll encourage anyone interested in the development of women and girls to intern or volunteer at Wonder!

I loved interning at Wonder! It was an amazing opportunity that gave me real responsibility and allowed me to take a hands-on approach in researching the barriers vulnerable women face when trying to access English classes. It’s great to see the research I worked on culminate into a report that will make a meaningful impact. I am confident that the skills I gained through this internship will prove helpful in my future career goals.  

What I enjoyed the most was having the opportunity to improve my design skills in a variety of projects for different media while getting to know more about Wonder's projects. I also enjoyed seeing how everyone was very reachable in the office and got really involved in all Wonder's projects at the same time. I got to know a lot more about how Wonder specifically, but also about how small charities work - the importance of fundraising, of keeping in touch with your donors, of being more reachable and personal about your work with your partners. Having previously worked in a very different environment, I believe this was an important addition to my professional experience. It was also a good opportunity to start to understand the processes that go into working this closely with partners in different parts of the world.