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Having escaped conflict, persecution or natural disasters, the life of a refugee is a tough one, but for children, it can also mean losing out on an education. Through your support, we can ensure more children in Lebanon have the education and training they need for a brighter future.

1 in 3 people living in Lebanon are refugees in a country that has a total population less than London. The on-going conflicts and instability of neighbouring countries have meant that around 400,000 Palestinians, 100,00 Iraqis and up to 1.5 million Syrians have sought safety and security in this tiny country, half the size of Wales.

The lack of documentation of recent Iraqi and many Palestinian refugees, and the fact that those escaping the Syrian conflict are not officially recognised as refugees have meant that many people receive no support from the Lebanese government. This means they cannot get residency or work permits.

An-Nawras, education and social integration projects in Lebanon


Wonder’s partner, An-Nawras, is a Lebanese organisation based in Keserwan, and part of its work is fostering solidarity between Lebanese young people and refugees, as well as creating programmes to benefit those most vulnerable. These include:

•    A language school for refugees

•    Educational support for vulnerable children

•    Social integration projects in rural areas

These initiatives can mean the difference between a child receiving an education or not.


How you can help

Give a brighter future to refugee children and their families by supporting An-Nawras in their efforts to educate and train vulnerable people in Lebanon.