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Liliane, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC

Liliane came from Lumbumbashi to study at ISSI, having made a tough decision to leave loved ones behind in her hometown. Despite this and the added hardship of struggling to fit in when she first arrived, Liliane is determined to succeed. 

Struggling to Fit In

"At first, I found working in a team and public speaking really difficult, but over time, that is what has helped me become receptive to others and build new friendships.” 

Not being used to the new environment, Liliane found the adjustments away from family and friends a little difficult. However, the support given by ISSI made it easier for her to adjust to the new environment. The mandatory team building exercises gave her the confidence she needed to build relationships. 

Feeling Inspired 

During my training, we received an unconscious patient… the whole team started working on her, and to my surprise, I saw the patient open her eyes and smile at us… it was then I said to myself: I’m going to be a nurse, no matter what!

Liliane is determined to become a nurse, and with the help and support of generous donors like yourself, this dream can become a reality!

You can continue to empower more young women like Liliane through education by supporting Wonder Foundation today.