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Nnena, student at Lantana College, Nigeria.


“I wanted to get more skills and knowledge to enable me to support my family. My brother promised to pay my school fees but by the time I got admission to Lantana he couldn’t."

Nicole, student at Condoray College, Peru.


“I have managed to develop more self-confidence, to cultivate values, to address my weaknesses, to understand others. With certainty I can say what I want to do in the future. My course allows me to generate additional income through catering, which is a great support to my family. I have put my earnings back into paying bank loans that were taken out to complete the construction of my family’s house.
In my final year of studies I will finish enriching myself with experiences and knowledge, so that I can then create a food and drink business with my family. This will improve the family finances which is important as I have younger siblings and I have a responsibility to help my parents with my their education. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to learn.”

Maryann, student at Lantana College, Nigeria.


“I heard of the school from some past students of Lantana College who are working in the catering department of a Conference Centre in Iwollo. I saw how their lives have improved and I decided that to apply. I passed the entrance examination but I lost my job as a nanny because my employer did not want me to combine work and study. I was very worried, so I was very happy when I was told I had been selected as one of those to benefit from a scholarship from Wonder Foundation. My plan is to start working as soon as I complete my education and save up money to start my own business. When I start my own business, I will help my younger siblings to further their education. I will also contribute towards the renovation of our family house in the village and to take care of my parents, especially my mother who has suffered so much.”

Lilian Vargas Borges, hospitality professional and graduate of Los Sauces, Honduras.


“From those in my class some went on to study degrees in Medicine and Psychology as they were able to pay for their education whilst working after leaving Los Sauces. One is the head of nutrition at a national hospital. These are opportunities we would have never had without the school. Los Sauces helped us to become empowered women. Los Sauces has helped me get to where I am today. I believe that supporting this type of educational project is investing in the future of my people in Honduras, and enriching the country in a way that will have a great impact on many lives like mine.”

Jenica, student at FTPI Manila, Philippines.


"My mother died of cancer last summer and my mentor was there to advise me on how to face my problems and stay strong. With her help I learned to persevere."

Irene, nursing student at ISSI, DRC.


“This year, I hope to be able to finish my studies. I hope that thanks to the generosity of people, I will become a great professional. These are examples of a thousand and one stories heard at college, in person. Since I arrived to study here I am amazed by how much each student brings, but we also cannot forget what each one takes when they leave here: understanding, friendship, human and professional training. We could say that the work done at our institution is a medium-term investment but one that is worth investing in, because the lives of many people and the development of a country which are at stake.”

Erma, student at FPTI BCPD, Philippines


"I came from a simple family, but after typhoon Haiyan, my father had a hard time in earning money to sustain our daily needs. When I finish my studies I want to find a job related to my course in order for me to help my family even in little ways. One of my ambitions is to help my siblings finish their studies so that they can have a better future someday."

Gloria, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC.


"I like helping people and believe that taking care of a healthy or ill person is priceless. Nursing in the Congo is not well regarded, but I like it, and I think that if I take advantage of these years of training and learn to work well, people’s perspective on the profession can change. I’m aware that all the activities that ISSI organises are contributing not only to my nursing training, but also to my development as a person.
I’m deeply grateful for the help that I’m receiving, and I’d like to encourage you to keep supporting us. Without your help I would not be studying at ISSI. In the Congo, a well-trained nurse can save countless lives."

Emerance, student at ISSI nursing college, DRC


“I was born in a family of nine siblings, and I am the sixth. Although my parents don’t possess the financial means for me to study, I nevertheless sat the entrance exams for nursing. I have been able to start the course. ISSI has spoken to me about the possibility of a scholarship, so I have leapt at the opportunity. I dream of being able to finish and to be able to help others. For this to be possible, I rely on the help of other people. It's curious, but when you are in need, it is easier to put yourself in the place of someone who suffers. It makes you more human and that is why I think I will like nursing.”

Christna Joy, student at FPTI, the Philippines


“I thought it was impossible for me to pursue my studies because of financial problems, but now I can. Having a mentor while I study is very good - she makes me a better person. My favourite memory of studying and during my on the job training was gaining a lot of lessons from my colleagues such as, respecting each other, learning some work techniques. I was able to learn how to deal with my co-workers and on how to obey my supervisors. All of my experiences reminds me to do my best and for me to improve my work skills. When I finish, I want to get lots of experience in restaurants so that I can work on a cruise ship someday. My brother and mother inspire me to finish my studies and to help my siblings who are still studying.”