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Monique, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC

Escaping a Difficult Past 

Monique came from a difficult past, depending on someone who let her down numerously, she did not believe things would work out for her the way they have with her scholarship in nursing.

“I came from Kananga with nothing but the clothes on my back… I have had to face a lot of hardships in order to stay in Kinshasa and finish my studies. Thanks to you, now I have no reason not to put my all into my studies.” 

Moral Support 

Whilst training and education is absolutely important, the moral support and mentoring provided is just as important. No students are made to feel isolated, and Monique welcomed this support and encouragement giving her the motivation to work harder. 

“At ISSI they do everything possible to ensure that we receive quality training. I know that I’m really lucky. I know people are supporting me and have confidence in me. This keeps me motivated to study.” 

Helping Others 

Thanks to the scholarship, Monique now only needs to focus on securing the qualifications she needs to become a great nurse. Whilst she recognises that she’ll have to be brave and competent, she believes ISSI can give this to her, she looks forward to helping others. 

“I like nursing, and I believe I can become a good nurse, competent enough and able to brave the issues that I’ll face on a day-to-day basis. Above all, be of service to the person I am looking after and their family.” 

A Heartfelt Message

“Thank you with all my heart. I cannot wait to qualify as a nurse and be of service to the women I am looking after and their families."

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