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A personal story of empowerment from our latest corporate sponsor – Cate Calco

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cate Calco, an upcoming clothing brand hoping to empower modern women through its creative and stylish products has joined Wonder as our latest corporate sponsor!

Cate Calco founder, Caterina Maniscalco, recently launched her online business with her signature cover-up the ‘Shalley’ a beautifully designed cover-up providing wardrove versatility throughout the day. Although the brand is in its earliest stages of trading, Caterina’s commitment to empowering women and her determination to give back is inspiring – Cate Calco will pledge a portion of each Shalley purchase to Wonder Foundation!

Caterina’s drive and passion for Wonder’s vision ‘empowerment through education’ is something that resonates close to home. Growing up, she faced many challenges when pursuing further education – the outdated views of her family meant that she had to fight for the right of attending university.

"I was raised in a family of old-fashioned values: one in which my mother - although top of her class - was not permitted to go to school after the age of 14 merely because she was female.  In our family I dealt with gender inequality on a daily basis and, when it was time for me to attend university, I too was nearly not allowed to go because I was female. I'm grateful my mother fought for my right to an education and I know it changed my entire life for the better: the people I met, the places to which I have travelled, the career I've had and the self-reliant person I've become are all a result of this.

Coming from a family where education was not a priority for women made Caterina even more determined to empower women and through Cate Calco, she aspires to enhance and simplify the everyday life of the modern woman. As a charity sponsor of Wonder, the brand is supporting women, girls and their families access the education and support they need to exit poverty, for good.

"I want to see a world where every woman has the possibility to create the same for herself.

Caterina’s motivation in selecting Wonder as Cate Calco’s charity partner is based on our women-led approach, but also our commitment to the personal development of students so they possess the confidence and self-belief to make informed decisions in their lives and fulfil their potential.

Besides education, the mentoring that Wonder provides, I think, can fundamentally make a meaningful difference in the lives of these girls. Also, I like that it's an organisation that is woman-led: there is no better inspiration for girls than to have role models such as women like these to show them what's possible with an education. For these reasons, it was clear to me that when I finally launched Cate Calco with a product designed to empower women, I could not miss the opportunity to partner with the Wonder Foundation and do my part to make a real difference to do the same with them."

Going forward, the brand will be making quarterly donations to Wonder, based on a portion of proceeds of each Shalley sale. We are extremely grateful to Caterina for selecting Wonder as the charity partner for Cate Calco and look forward to working with the brand in ensuring the donations positively transform the lives of women through education around the world.

If you are interested in purchasing a Shalley from Cate Calco, where a portion of proceeds will be donated to Wonder, please do visit their online shop now.

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