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Our Last KMKY Policy Conference

Friday, March 2, 2018

On the 16th February, young people from all different walks of life united for our last Knowing Me, Knowing You conference to share their ideas and thoughts on making a difference to the lives of migrants at a local, national and a European level.

A range of policies were presented by our dynamic young change-makers aimed at bringing about widespread change to help foster integration and solidarity with migrants, which included the following:

Local Policy

Revitalise Sure Start Children Centres to provide universal English language learning classes by collaborating between educational organisations and the third sector.

National Policy

Widening the National Citizen Service to reach an older cohort through changing the operational structure to include workshops and activities on integration.

European Policy

Improve the accessibility of the Erasmus Programme to reach as many young people as possible.

Our panel, consisting of researchers, policymakers and community workers and leaders, shared their insights and provided invaluable feedback based on their own experiences working in the area of policy and research.

Once the policies were presented and our panellist provided their feedback, the afternoon was split into interactive workshop sessions where our audience members were provided with the opportunity to vocalise their thoughts and ideas and suggest ways to make society more welcoming to migrants both at a community and on a personal level.

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