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Resettling families affected by the Mexican earthquake: one year on

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Wonder has been collaborating with our partner school, Colegio Montefalco, to help support the rebuilding of homes for families affected by the earthquake that hit Mexico on the 19th September 2017.

"I never thought we would have a roof over our heads again. We are so grateful". 

A year after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked central Mexico, killing 370 people and injuring thousands more, Wonder is rebuilding homes of families affected in collaboration with our partner school, Colegio Montefalco. 

Morelos was one of the worst affected states, and we identified families in desperate need through our partner, who helped collect information relating to students and staff from Colegio Montefalco School that had lost their homes in their entirety.

Immediately after the earthquake, many families were homeless, as a result of their homes destroyed or deemed too dangerous to live in. Our first line of response in Jonacatapec helped distribute emergency supplies and shelter, including 15 tonnes of food – the equivalent of 30,000 meals. 

Families in the area were keen to get back on their feet and worked hard to regain safe homes. This was easier for some more than others, and we worked to help those struggling the most to rebuild. The families we helped were incredibly moved that, thanks to the generosity of Wonder Foundation and other donors, they were able to have a home once more. Some people had lost hope that it was possible to rebuild their lives again, having lost all their possessions.

Long-term rehabilitation is extremely important for us at Wonder Foundation. As educators, we believe that education is an important part of escaping poverty.

Our students, who come from local families with few opportunities, pay very low fees, but even this was too much for them after the earthquake. Through donations, we have been able to provide 40 full scholarships, keeping girls in education.

Disasters often cause girls from poor families to leave education as they are needed to care for family members or take on additional household tasks. We were determined that this wouldn’t happen and worked to support our students and their families wherever possible.

Thanks to your generous donations and support, we are proud to say that no student has dropped out of school following the earthquake. 

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