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Picking up the pieces after the Volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A few months have passed since Volcán de Fuego devasted families, affecting more than 1.7 million people, and with the support of the local and international community, including generous donations from Wonder supporters, the country is looking towards rebuilding damaged regions and resettling affected families.

Reports from Maria Rodríguez, part of the Project Management team at Fundación Junkabal, our partner situated in Guatemala City who has been aiding the relief efforts, commended the resiliency and strength of the country: 

“With the support of the international community and the Guatemalan people, Guatemala has shown to be stronger than the Volcano eruption.”

Within hours of the eruption, emergency relief was swiftly distributed to shelters and hospitals in affected regions providing vital support and relief to victims. 

As of July 13th, Wonder Foundation has sent almost £7.5k of generous donations from our supporters to our partner Fundación Junkabal.

In the nearest town affected, Alotenango, the energy is positive with children smiling and families are taken care of with appropriate food, shelter and clothing. Volunteers and organisations are going above and beyond the first line of response and providing entertainment through fun activities. 

The need to resettle families

Although families are being well accommodated for at shelters, without a place to call home, it is difficult for them to pick up the pieces of their former lives. Families that were left with nothing have to start all over, one step a time, with our help.

The need to resettle the close to 7,000 displaced people made homeless and provide them with safe and secure housing is ever present. Not only will they need assistance with furnishing their homes and starting their life from scratch, but they will need to develop a means of livelihood to support themselves and their families.

The government plans to rebuild around 1,000 homes; however, this requires additional help and support.

This is where your help will now go towards!


Believing in Guatemala!

While previous donations have gone towards the provision of food, clothes and medicine, any money pledged towards our campaign will now go towards rebuilding homes and giving the resilient community an opportunity to restore their lives.

Your continued support of our campaign is much appreciated.

“I thank you for believing in Guatemala and helping the most vulnerable of its communities. Thank you for your help in the times when we need it the most! Without your help starting over would be much more difficult.” Maria.


N.B. You can give in Euros via the link above. However, if you would prefer to give directly by BACS in Euros you can make a transfer (see below). If you choose this method please email us so that we can identify your donation. 

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