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WONDER Presents: LION & Special Guests

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Come celebrate our seventh anniversary with a live music fundraiser featuring some of the UK's most exciting up and coming female artists. And help us raise funds for our projects around the world.

We are bringing an all-female line up to the stage in celebration of the women and girls we work with across our programmes. The event which will feature incredible live performances from the headliner LION and supporting musicians Adannay, Mpho the GVN, Helena Deans, spoken word poet Salma El-Wardany.

All profits raised will be directed to our locally-led projects supporting women and girls' access to quality education so that they get the skills they need to thrive in their community and steer their lives in the direction they choose.

Doors will open from 7 pm, be sure to come along with your friends and celebrate with us!

Tickets are available on Facebook and or on this link.



About LION 

The first time Beth Lowen sang in public, a woman she didn’t know approached her. “You sound like you’ve smoked 20 cigarettes,” she told her, “and drank a bottle of whisky.” Given that Beth was 10-years-old and thus, unsurprisingly, had done nothing of the sort, she started to cry. “I thought that was a bad thing,” she recalls, laughing. “And my parents were like, ‘No, no! That’s good!”

Nowadays, Lowen embraces the ferocious, Janis Joplin-esque rasp of her voice. In fact, it’s one of the reasons she chose to adopt the name Lion. “Someone said I sound like a lion,” she explains, “Also, everyone says I have lion hair, and ‘Löwen’ means lions in German.” Still, declaring herself deserving of such a fierce moniker wasn’t something that came easily. “I didn’t mention it to anybody for months,” she admits. “It’s a big statement, it’s pretty extreme. But I was looking at people like Lorde, and I was like, that’s fucking cool. And then I was like, fuck it. So now it’s Lion.” The stage name never feels more apt than it does when Lion performs live. Her husky but powerful voice, already so potent on record, is unleashed to its full, roaring potential, as she jitters a little behind the mic, bathed in red light. Read LION’s full bio here.


Instagram: @iamlionofficial

Facebook: @iamlionofficial

Twitter: @iamlionofficial

With support from:

Adannay (Musician)

Salma El-Wardany (spoken word poet)

MPHO the GVN (Musician)

Helena Deans (Musician)

Special thanks to our sponsors:

The Blues Kitchen Brixton

Print in London