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As a young person, what can you do to end trafficking and modern slavery?

Monday, July 9, 2018

We are looking for young people, aged 16-25 to form a core team to share trafficking and modern slavery awareness to your peers. As part of this, you will access FREE, CERTIFIED training.

SEE-ME (Solidarity, Education, Engagement - Modern-Day Slavery in Europe) is a project that will be funded by Erasmus+, which will run for around a year from July 2018.


The concept for SEE-ME emerges from discussions with young people involved in Wonder's other youth projects on citizenship and solidarity.

Trafficked people, including young people, both EU and non-EU citizens, are enslaved across member countries. Often they have looked for job opportunities, only to find themselves deceived and then exploited. Europeans, usually unwittingly, are also consumers of services or goods provided by enslaved people, for example in nail salons, massage parlours, domestic labour and construction. In buying these services, consumers are making slavery profitable, a fact that would shock most European citizens, and there is a need for citizen-led initiatives at the local, national and European level to make people build solidarity into their purchasing behaviours and alert authorities to exploitation in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.

We are looking for young people, aged 16-26 to form a core team to share trafficking and modern slavery awareness to your peers. As part of this you will access FREE, CERTIFIED training. 

You will learn from experts, including politicians, academics, policy makers and technical leaders about:

  • The reality of modern-day slavery and trafficking in Europe, the UK and London. 
  • How it can be addressed at EU, national and local levels
  • Campaigning, policy-making, influencing and communications skills  
  • Speakers confirmed so far include representatives from the House of Commons, European Parliament, leading UK and international campaigning charities

You will have the chance to put these skills into action through:

  • developing and delivering your own campaign ideas
  • delivering workshops to your peers and 6th formers
  • developing policy ideas, with the best being launched at the Houses of Parliament in February 2019

You need to commit to:

  • a week's training in the first week of September 
  • at least four more day or evening workshops between September and December
  • Working on your own campaign ideas alone or with other team members before February

Workshops will take place in London. If you are travelling more than ten kilometres we may be able to subsidise your travel costs. Successful applicants will be interviewed by phone. 

Apply here