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Nigerians have a great desire for education, but many young people, especially girls, face significant barriers to accessing quality education and training.


Wavecrest and Lantana Colleges

Wavecrest College of Hospitality (Lagos) and  Lantana College of Hospitality (Enugu) are vocational institutions that teach technical and professional skills to young women, many from less privileged backgrounds. Both help women to find their independence by giving them the experience they need to support themselves and their families financially and to look for fulfilment in their daily lives. They go on to get good jobs in the hotel, tourism and catering industries, or to start their own businesses with the skills that they have.



Discover how a Wonder-funded scholarship to Lantana College has helped students like Nnena chase their dreams and pursue a career in the hospitality sector.

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Orisun Outreach

Working in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria, this project visits schools in the city to provide opportunities for schoolgirls to learn about health and nutrition, as well as providing mentoring to help them raise their aspirations and stay in school. These activities help to make early marriage less likely and support girls to finish school and make positive choices for their futures.

Discover how the Orisun program has helped girls like Ramat have confidence in themselves.

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