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Nnena, student at Lantana College, Nigeria.

Nnenna always dreamed of pursuing a career in hospitality post-graduation, but upon finding out she was unable to pay her school fees, Nnenna was distraught. With support from Wonder Foundation, she was awarded a full scholarship, allowing her to follow her dreams!

“Wonder Foundation have given me a scholarship. It was a wonderful surprise because we were not expecting that kind of miracle.”

Facing obstacles  

Nnenna did not lack the enthusiasm for school, having every intention of gaining more knowledge and academics. She was a determined individual. However, not having the finances to pay for her school fees became her biggest barrier.

“I wanted to get more skills and knowledge to enable me to support my family. My brother promised to pay my school fees but by the time I got admission to Lantana he couldn’t. It made me want to despair.”

Empowering others

Not only was Nnenna able to acquire the skills she needed for her chosen career path, but she is now able to transfer her skills to support those around her who were in the same position as her and inspire them to turn their life around for the better.

Having a good job will allow me to do many things: I will train my siblings and help people who find it difficult to go to school because of financial difficulties...I am very grateful to Wonder Foundation for taking this financial burden and giving me a future. I am now sure of completing my education, and I will be able to start helping my parents as soon as I graduate.”

You can continue to empower more girls like Nnenna through education by supporting Wonder Foundation today.