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To overcome poverty and inequality young women need the skills to take advantage of Peru's growing tourism industry. You can help them access the right education.

In Peru the majority of women work in the informal economy, excluding them from the stability and prosperity of professional work. Although school enrolment rates are high in urban areas, women and girls in rural areas face many barriers to education. Poverty and isolation can cause them to cut short their education to support their family. Later on in life trafficking, domestic abuse and male-dominated structures can limit their opportunities.

Condoray College

The Wonder Foundation and Condoray College work together to provide scholarships for girls from low-income families. Girls can gain the qualifications and skills necessary to start their career in the booming tourism industry. The College offers a variety of certified three-year hands-on training programmes in cooking, accounting and hospitality management, as well as shorter courses ranging from IT to baking. Condoray has an excellent reputation and therefore students are sought after by employers. Secure employment means girls are able to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Any children they have are also likely to grow up in more stable circumstances, with better education and life chances.

How you can help

Condoray relies on scholarships to pay for and subsidise places for students. By donating £40 you can cover a girl’s schooling and expenses for a week, £170 for a month, or for £2000 you can provide tuition for a girl for a whole year.