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Education is the route to transformed lives for girls in Cameroon. We are supporting an amazing group of women who are ambitious for change in Douala.

Port Bell Academy is a bold project: to give girls in Douala, Cameroon, not just the chance to learn, but the chance to have an excellent education. At the moment there is a steep cost attached to educating children in Douala. State-funded schools have few resources, large class sizes (often around 90), few books and no computers. Parents do the best for their children wherever possible, paying for additional private tuition if they have any extra money. 

Port Bell Academy aims to challenge this. For a similar cost to what parents are already paying, they will provide girls and young women from a range of social backgrounds with an excellent education, and access to the resources that they need to learn - books, computers and personal mentoring. 

In February 2021 time the project will open with capacity for 200 women and girls per week, and eventually room for 500 students to learn. The opportunity to learn IT skills will be opened to children from surrounding schools - some of which have limited electricity, let alone computers. Port Bell Academy will equip them with essential skills they need for the world of work. The dream is that Port Bell grows into a school focussed on STEM and inspiring women and girls from all social backgrounds to fulfil their potential and build a stronger Cameroon. 

You can be part of this project that will educate Cameroon's next generation. 

Donate via PayPal here and leave a note 'Port Bell' so that we can ensure that your donation is spent on building a school for the future! 

Listen to Dr Nathalie Elong, Port Bell Academy's chairwoman, explain to us why the project is so valuable: 

And this is where the school will be! We'll keep you posted on how this green land is transformed into a beautiful school!