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Ramat, student at the Orisun program, Nigeria

Wonder’s partnership with the Orisun Program meant that Ramat could begin to explore what life really had to offer.

A Helping Hand

Ramat’s interest in the Orisun program came from wanting to help her family. She felt that the support given by the program would enable her to support her family.

“I wanted to be part of the project because I felt that it will be interesting and that I will learn a lot of things that will help me and my family.”

Building a Connection

The Orisun program works to provide mentoring to school girls in the city to help them achieve an ambitious approach to education and furthermore life. Through Orisun, Ramat felt she could connect with other girls her age who held similar aspirations.

“My favourite memory of my studies is the opportunity of going outside Ibadan to participate in a competition and workshop, organized through Orisun for people of my age from different parts of the country.”

A Boost in Confidence

Prior to mentoring, Ramat had a lack of self-belief, as she struggled to comprehend the idea of supporting her family, let alone learn how to so in an enjoyable way.

“Having a mentor has allowed me to understand myself and my family situation better and to open up to life more and have confidence in myself.”

You can continue to empower more girls like Ramat through education by supporting Wonder Foundation today.​