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Education is an essential tool to empower vulnerable refugees and their families, enabling them to integrate, find work and rebuild their lives. We're committed to research, fundraising, policy and youth engagement to help refugees and migrants access the education they need to thrive.

The Baytree Centre: learning English in London

Take action today by supporting our partner - the Baytree Centre - to fund English language lessons for vulnerable female refugees and migrants in South London. 

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The FATIMA Project​

Adjusting to a new country is never easy, but for women, personal and practical barriers can make it even more difficult for them to integrate into society. Our recently-launched collaborative project supports the empowerment and social integration of migrant and refugee women across four countries.

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Knowing Me, Knowing You

In 2017, we ran a series of workshops with young people to discuss social integration and the key question: how can we make the UK a more welcoming country?

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Survey: how do vulnerable women learn English?

We're continuing to research the best methods to support vulnerable women's English language learning. Find out more or take the survey below. 

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A Refugee Like Me

In 2016, we brought young people from across Europe and the UK together to discuss what their response could be to the refugee crisis. This project culminated in a series of workshops and a conference, where under-25s  (both refugees and those born in the UK) met key decision-makers and brainstormed policy responses. 

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Research: Women Breaking the English Barrier

Speaking English is essential for integration, empowerment and economic opportunity in the UK, our 2016 report revealed that vulnerable refugee women living here face significant barriers to learning the language.

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