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Annual Report, 2015-16

Over the last year we, like many people all around the world, were greatly moved by the refugee crisis, and it has coloured much of our work since. As a charity focussing on alleviating poverty through education, rather than on humanitarian action, we had to think hard about how we could make a difference to refugee women, girls and families. Our partners, especially those in Poland, Sweden and Slovenia, have experienced the crisis in ways that we, in the UK, have not. But our strong relationships with them have meant that we could share knowledge, expertise and experience to develop new initiatives to support refugees both in the UK and in Europe.

This year has also seen Wonder further refine both our vision and theory of change, in consultation with our partners across the world. Through this exercise we had the opportunity to get in touch with a variety of experts, to better understand the evidence base for the methods that are effective for our partners.