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It's more fun in the Philippines? Thought Experiment – Educational Resources

The purpose of this exercise is to encourage young people to think about what it is like to be a teenage girl living in rural Philippines through something to which they can relate. This educational resource contains an accompanying worksheet, powerpoint presentation and guidance for teachers and leaders.

This resource consists of three scenarios, each with slides. It works best in small groups of 6- 8, so that everybody has the chance to share ideas. Depending upon the groups, each may benefit from a facilitator who can encourage the discussion and draw out ideas.

The questions help you to facilitate the discussion and help the young people to think more deeply about the situation. They may address these on their own and you should also have other questions to ask as they come up with their own ideas. After each part young people can report back to the classroom.


 Download the Worksheet                                                Download the Teachers' Guide                              Download the Powerpoint