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Knowing Me, Knowing You: National-level Policy: Citizenship Service – Policy Report

The Wonder Foundation invited young people from the UK, Spain and Slovenia to use their creativity, ingenuity, and expertise to develop and submit policy ideas to facilitate migrant integration. This was part of our Erasmus+ funded programme, 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', which has encouraged young people to think about how to make migrants feel more welcome in Europe. They came up with three policy ideas which have been adapted to the situation in each country.

The national-level policy proposal expands on the current National Citizen Service (NCS). NCS is a programme for youth aimed at improving community engagement through an intensive summer programme. Currently, the NCS targets young people aged 15-17, but this policy proposal believes that widening the age cohort to 16 to 29-year olds will enhance social integration between the British white majority, ethnic minorities and migrant groups. Alongside this change, the policy would introduce activities and workshops that facilitate learning around migration and integration.

UK Version       Spain Version       Slovenia Version

If you support the idea, we invite you to share it with your local councillors, MP or MEP and distribute widely! Our work with young people has repeatedly demonstrated the importance of getting involved, and the ability of everyone to make a difference.